Give the right first impression:

Whether you are going on a date, curious about someone you like, met someone on the bus station you find cute…

However nervous you are, you need to make the right first impression – What will they remember about you?

Divert the focus on yourself, and think: What do I love about myself, makes me unique? My smile, my playfulness, my intelligence…

You are the storyteller. Right now, you are a book cover. What will this book be called? What would make him or her want to open this book and read it? Be interesting and interested.

Compromise is OK, sacrifice ISN`T:

You are done with being single and decided to explore your opportunities – great!
Do not mix compromise and sacrifice. There is a fine line between them.
Sacrifice will feel like you are not respecting yourself enough. Your worth and what you believe in. You will have this feeling on a daily basis and you will be telling yourself it`s OK – when it actually isn’t.
Compromises are much smaller and less significant, leaving you feeling like you have done a small and kind gesture.

Word to mouth:

Share the fact that you are ready to start dating and meet someone with people who have your interest at heart.

Network in small groups:

Try dinners, picnics, brunches, where there are not too many participants and a more quiet environment. Have a friend join you and make sure you both mingle with others and not sit next to each other.

Be positive and fun:

When you carry this sort of energy around you, you will attract interesting and like-minded people. Create a bucket list of all the fun and crazy things you would like to try out. Share some with people you find interesting. They get excited about your ideas and suggest to join you on those adventures.

Keep your first date simple:

Suggest a local place for your first date and before you meet, speak to your date on the phone. When you are on a call, do it at a time you are relaxed and can fully focused. On the date, you will feel you know them a bit and therefore you will be able to me more yourself.

Ladies: If you like someone, make the first move and don`t wait for him to do it.

Confidence is the sexiest power you can own. Take control in your own hands, don`t leave it for him and then get disappointed when he doesn’t take the actions you would have liked him to.

Stay away from people who are negative

You need to stay open minded and positive when you are dating. You will meet people who will eagerly share their bad dating experiences with you. They might think they are helping you, by you learning from their experience. BUT that’s exactly what it is: THEIR EXPERIENCE – NOT YOURS. Without realising you will suddenly “overtake” their fears adding your own fears which can end up with you not making the best of the opportunities that come along.

Stick to positive people and learn from their experiences instead.

Build a network you can benefit from rather than wait for “Mr. /Mrs. perfect” to come along:

It’s not easy to find the one that ticks all the boxes. Until you do find them, keep an open and curious mind and discover the qualities in people you meet. For example, one person you just met could be a party friend, whom you could go out with. Another person may share the same kind of hobbies like you, etc. Give people a chance rather than dismissing everyone who doesn’t fully tick all boxes.