Set the standard from the very beginning of a relationship: Effort goes both ways!

We have a busy life, often not as much time as we would like for socializing, hobbies, doing things we are passionate about.

The way we choose how to spend our time has to do with how important are these activities or people to us.

When you start dating, there is so much to explore, and the more excited we are, the bigger effort we will put in getting to know the person we are dating. Regardless of how little time we have, how far this person lives, how tired we are. The adrenaline, curiosity and passion will win.

When you feel that you are making a bigger effort to meet your date than they are, its not because you have more time on your hands, its because you have made it more of a priority than they have.

Sadly, it is often seen as a “turn off” by the side who is making less of an effort. In fact, the more effort you put in this early stage of your relationship, the less they will.

You need to start from an equal point at the very beginning. Only then you can maintain respect, appreciation and effort from your date.