We are fed up of being alone in our free time, on these cold weekends, in our beds at night. 

We miss fun conversations, small trips together, being intimate with each other. 

We might regret not trying harder with our ex, not going out as often as we could when we had the chance… and now, not much we can do about it (?)

It seems like the only way to meet is online: A dating site, an organized zoom call, 

but it’s not it. Because the people we meet on zoom, and dating sites are… let’s be honest … not people we would connect with if we had a better choice. 

What if all you had to do is speak to one person, tell her exactly what you want and let her find you the partner you would love to get to know, be with in your free time, on these cold weekends. 

1 meeting with 1 Person you can trust and confide with = risk free opportunities for you to meet someone like you, who wants what you want. 

All you need to do is send me a message or an email: sharon@erikssoncoaching.ch

We will set up a virtual or f2f meeting

I will listen to your wishes, and will connect you with someone you will get excited to get to know better. 

Stop wasting your valuable time. Start enjoying opportunities you deserve to have. Sharon