Sharon Eriksson
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A healthy relationship starts with understanding and trusting yourself, only then, you can let another person into your life

I`m Sharon Eriksson, a certified relationship coach and matchmaker.
As a Matchmaker I introduce my clients to potential partners based on their lifestyle, goals and wishes. We base our relationship requirements on past experiences and outcomes. Introducing my clients to new and positive dating partners, broadens their perspective on what works best for them.

Finding your life partner is not always easy. At the same time, relationships are everywhere and are important for our well being and development.
As a relationship coach I will introduce my clients to effective communication tools I have learned while studying Negotiations.

Every experience we go through leaves us with an impression and often also an emotion. Studying Neuroplasticity has taught me the medical connections our brain does which affect us both physically and mentally. Furthermore, how we can divert negative experiences into positive ones. Helping us not only let go of emotional baggage, but also guides us to make healthier and smarter decisions. I will demonstrate how in my coaching sessions.

The success of the matchmaking is being committed to the process. Which is why I only work with clients who are driven to reach their goal.

Today, after over 25 years living in Zürich, I use the large network I have built to help you find love locally.
As a Relationship coach and Mediator, I also work with couples at different stages of their relationship to communicate clearly, avoid emotional distance and maintain intimacy.

Let’s get the ball rolling and have you end this year in a happy and loving relationship.

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