What does it mean to work with a matchmaker?

Working with a matchmaker means you have someone that is looking to find you an optimal match based on your wishes. Your matchmaker will take the time to get to know you and learn about your experience and what you are hoping to have in your next relationship. After all the information has been gathered, they will go through the match4me database of local singles in the zürich area and will look for a potential match for you. You don`t need to do anything more on your side until the matchmaker contacts you with a handpicked date for you. You can then decide to get to know your potential match better by going on a date with them or not.



What is the difference between Match4Me and an online dating site? 

Match4Me focuses on the personal experience. We believe that the best chance of you finding the right one is by taking the time to get to know you. The contact with your matchmaker is either a face-to-face meeting or a video call. Your energy, humor, way of seeing things are each an important factor helping us handpick the optimal date for you. As we have met all the members, and built up a profile for you, there is no risk of fake profiles. We also ensure we received a clear and updated image of each member. The information on every profile is confidential and not shared without a written approval.



How many times will I be matched? 

There is no limit of times you can be matched throughout your membership period.  We want you to meet, connect and date optimal potential partners. And we will do our very best for you to achieve that.  



What happens after a date? 

Once you have gone on a date, you will contact your matchmaker and let them know how it went. You can decide if you would like to get to know this person better or have us continue looking for a more suitable match for you. 



What is the difference between dating someone from an online dating site and a Match4Me date? 

The profiles on a dating site are done by people you have never met and therefore have no guarantee on their accuracy. You may have had the chance to speak to them on the phone or exchange images but still have a high risk of being misinformed and worse. 

To become a member in Match4Me you must be single, local, and serious in finding a partner. You will have a conversation with your matchmaker and confirm you have given accurate information. When you go on a date, it is after each side has spoken to the matchmaker and has agreed to meet. The day after, you will be reviewing your date. The process is supervised and is all about you getting the best possible experience from dating. 



Why are the rates so low compared with other European matchmakers?  

Matchmaking should not be exclusively for high earners only. It is about finding love! About meeting the one you would like to spend many years with. We offer the possibility to as many people as possible to meet their potential partner. 


What do you mean by local singles? 

All members must live in Switzerland. The Match4Me headquarters are based in Zurich and most members live in Kanton zurich and around it. However, members from the french and italian part of Switzerland are warmly welcome. 



What is the age group in Match4Me database? 

Most members are in their 30s-50s and we have few in their 60s. 



What is the difference between Basic and Premium membership? 

Both Basic and Premium members enjoy the same matchmaking privileges. The main difference is that premium members have additional coaching on dating to better prepare them for each date. Help them overcome fears and concerns they may have and help them give the best impression on their dates. 



Once my package is done will I be removed from the Match4Me platform? 

You have the possibility of staying on a different package or become a silent member – which means you will no longer have a matchmaker and you will be contacted if you are a suitable match for another basic / premium member. 



How will you handpick a match for me? 

After we meet, we will prepare a personal profile for you. Based on all the information you have shared with us, we will look for a potential match for you. 



Who can see my profile? 

No one other than your matchmaker can see you profile. Once you have agreed to go on a date with someone the matchmaker has handpicked for you, you will both share some information with each other.


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