Becoming a member

Being part of the Match4Me database, a leading platform for Single 40 Plus dating, means you will seamlessly manage your work commitments while nurturing personal connections and self-growth.

Our commitment, guided by a Professional Matchmaker, revolves around three core principles:

1. Member Integrity: We uphold the highest standards for our database, ensuring authenticity and quality connections for those eager to meet singles in your area. 

2. Discreet Matchmaking: Our confidential matchmaking process respects your privacy while delivering exceptional compatibility.

3. Tailored Excellence: Experience personalized service that caters to your desires and aspirations, placing your satisfaction at the forefront.

Discover authenticity through three simple stages

completely free of charge:

1. Virtual Conversation with Sharon: Upon registering, connect with Sharon, our expert Professional Matchmaker, for a 30-minute Zoom call. Unveil your values, interests, and learn about our compatibility approach.

2. Private, Confidential Profile: After the Zoom call, craft your discreet profile accessible only by Sharon. Rest assured, your data remains confidential until mutual consent is established for sharing information during a conversation with Sharon on a potential match for you.


3. Attend 1 Event: As a final step, attend a complimentary event to solidify authenticity. Witness firsthand the effortless connections with like-minded peers, experiencing the ease of building meaningful relationships.


Elevate your career and personal life in harmony with Single 40 Plus dating

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