A happy and healthy relationship can turn loveless without any major incidents.

Routine, financial stress, a demanding job, family… these are just a few examples of what can create both a physical and an emotional distance between the two of you.

Ask yourself this,

What do I NEED to feel happy again? And then,

What is FAIR to expect from my partner ?

Is it something that he or she is able to bring into the relationship or is it something I need to work on by myself?

A typical example,

You have work related stress that you choose for whatever reason, not to share with your partner. You bring some of this stress home and it will have an impact on the passion and intimacy in your relationship. You will feel alone in your struggle. Remember, you made the choice of not sharing.

So, don`t take it out on your partner, who is unaware of what you are going through.

Another example, 

You started taking on more responsibilities in the household. You feel there is no proper balance between what your partner is contributing at home and the workload you have. Of course they are benefiting from you taking on more of the chores, and them doing less, BUT, have you discussed it before you took on more work? Or once again, made a choice on your own.

So rather than accusing them of getting lazy, speak openly. Tell them that you tried taking on more to make it easier for them but you’re not managing. Don`t assume that they will see how you struggle and offer to take over. It might be visible to you but not to them.

These are just day to day examples of issues which are quite easy to fix, through open communication with your spouse. But when left for too long, the will connect together and become one big issue which is much harder to address.

So once again, 

What is currently making you unhappy? Let your partner know how he or she can help Because if you wait, it will grow, and so will the distance between the two of you.