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A personalized matchmaking platform of international singles living in and around Zürich looking to be in a long term relationship
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Match4Me is a service to optimize the dating experience for international single men and women in and around Zürich who value face to face contact rather than online. And appreciate the personal touch of a matchmaker that will handpick suitable potential partners rather than an auto-generated computer algorithm.
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” I would just like to express my gratitude to Sharon for making dating a fun and enjoyable experience. She really has a special gift of connecting with people and I immediately felt at ease with her. As my first time trying a matchmaking service I wasn’t sure what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised when my date turned up. No dating apps, no awkward dates, no time wasted. Just good company and the realisation that dating can be fun! I would highly recommend Sharon to anyone that is looking for a great way to meet quality people with the luxury of having someone else do the work for you : ) ”

Koko, Zürich

” Sharon hat richtiges Gefühl für Menschen und ist Profi in dem was sie macht – hatte durch sie eine tolle Frau kennengelernt, mit der ich mich von Anfang an super verstand! Danke schön! ”

Dieter, Zürich

” I have gone on 3 dates Sharon matched me with. I was impressed with how well she understood what I was looking for and how at ease I felt on my dates. I would highly recommend Match4Me if you want to try a different and successful way of meeting AND DATING local singles. ”

Nadine , Zürich

” I was skeptical about Matchmaking as I a person who does not believe in dating this way.  My experience is people don’t have time and are scared of something new. I am pleasantly surprised at how many nice quality people you can meet here on this platform. My recent date was with a beautiful and lovely lady who I probably would not have met anywhere else. The lovely lady who manages Match4Me,  takes the time to get to know both sides and with that builds trust with her clients. I recommend this site to anyone who believe in love. Thank you very much, all praise to you ”

Milan, Zürich
So how does Match4Me actually work? Very simple!

1. Meet your matchmaker who is also a dating coach, to set up a video call or a meeting in Zürich.

2. You have an open conversation discussing in detail what you are looking for in a relationship / your future partner. How your dating experience so far is, and what are your expectations from being a Match4Me member.

3. Based on all the information gathered, the matchmaker will create an optimal dating profile for you and actively look for a match.

4. Once we have found a potential match for you, you will be contacted with the details. You can decide if to connect  and meet the person you’re matched with or not.

5. If both sides accept the match, we will share your contact details and suggest some nice locations for your first date. 

6. After your first date, you contact your dating coach with feedback and let them know if you would like to continue meeting more candidates or carry on seeing the one you have just dated.

7. There is no limit on how many times you can be matched. The focus of Match4Me is about optimising your experience. Finding you the perfect match.

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1. Personalized: The first stage in you being part of this unique international platform is a face to face meeting with your matchmaker. From that point on you have someone you can always contact and is working to find you an ideal match.  

2. Discreet: Once your personal profile has been made, you will be contacted when there is a suitable match for you. You decide if and how much of your personal information to share with your potential match. 

3.  Match4Me is a platform for people who are serious about finding a lifelong partner. It does not contain members who are looking for a one night stands / an affair. No fake profiles

  • Your effort as a member is minimal: Once you connect with your matchmaker,  we will build an optimal profile for you. You can relax and let us do the work for you. Finding you the one

  • A local platform: All members are living in Switzerland, most of them in the area of Zürich. They are all international, single and looking to be in a serious, long term relationship.

  • Your matchmaker is also a dating, who helps people on a daily basis to find true love. Bringing them closer to the partner they are looking for. We have a large network of international single people in Switzerland.

  • All profile photos are up to date and without sunglasses: One common issue, is going on a date with someone who looks very different to their online photo. As the first stage of this process is a meeting or video call, the photo will be approved by the matchmaker before being used in the profile.

  • Minimize bad experience: You will be meeting, connecting and dating with suitable potential partners which means you will have better experiences. You will enjoy dating and gain more confidence in finding the love of your life. Having a more positive experience will also mean you will feel more relaxed and natural on your dates. 

  • Get all the support you need during the time you are a Match4Me member.

  • Confidentiality: Full discretion of all conversations, and full privacy on all the information gathered. Your profile will be shared only once you have given a written permission to share it partly or fully with a potential match for you.

About the different packages: 

There are 3 kinds of packages: Basic member, Premium member, Executive Package 

Both have the durations of 3month- 6months- 9months. 

The basic member packages includes matchmaking for men and women who are confident on their dates, know their most attractive attribute and use it well when they meet someone they like. 

Members who can confidently say: I simply need to meet the right one, and I will know exactly what to do. 

The Premium member packages includes coaching sessions to support men and women in topics such as: 

Making the right impression on your date 

Feel more attractive and confident on dates

Maintain a naturally flowing and interesting conversation 

Deepened the chemistry during and after the date 

Expand your comfort zone

How to stay connected after the date 

And more… 

These packages are designed for people who would like to optimize the outcome of every opportunity they come across. 

Members who can confidently say: I have met people in the past whom I wanted to get to know better but sadly, that did not happen. So now, when I meet someone I like, I want to be confident and make the best impression.

Executive Package: Flexible Dating & Relationship package tailored to fit the busy schedule of MDs & CEOs. 

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Do you know someone who is looking to be in a long lasting and loving relationship? Introducing them to Match4Me and bring them closer to finding their ideal partner. Each of you will receive a 10% discount on any membership package you choose

Stop wasting your time and money on online dating. Sit back,

and let a professional who knows exactly what you want,  find you a Match!